Monday, March 12, 2012

Dragon Gourmet Buffet Restaurant - Plantation, FL

I'm not a buffet person, in fact, I cannot recall the last time I have been, but somehow I ended up at Dragon Gourmet Buffet Restaurant and I have to say I liked it.

The biggest concern I have when I go to a buffet is, is it clean? And it was. The buffet was not only kept clean, but offered a wide variety of food options (their website says that there are 200 different items). The options included Chinese delights (Dim sum & Cantonese dishes), Japanese (Sushi & Hibachi) and many dessert options (they had some great ice cream flavors). For under $9 per person for lunch and under $13 per person on nights and weekends, I think it is a great deal considering the wide range of food available.

Not only did I enjoy the food, but others seemed to enjoy it as well. The place stayed busy and people were definitely going back for more. And, even though it's buffet, the wait staff was very attentive, nice and friendly.

Dragon Gourmet Buffet Restaurant
1091 South University Drive Plantation, Florida 33324

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