Thursday, April 26, 2012

Restaurant Review: Davie Sub & Sandwich Cafe - Davie, FL

I was kind of excited to go to Davie Subs; the idea of the small local family owned joint that doesn't have much of an appeal on the outside but is a treasure on the inside. Although it did not turn out to be the treasure I wanted it to be, I can say that it is definitely a family restaurant that the owners take great pride in. As you enter the door, you feel at home and they work to ensure customer satisfaction, which is probably the reason they have been in business for over 30 years. The restaurant itself is very quaint, but they do have a few booths where you can sit and enjoy a comfortable meal.
They have a really big menu with lots of options to choose from. I always have trouble making up my mind so it was a bit of a distraction for me, but I did manage to choose something and being the biggest lover of Thai food, I selected the Roast Beef Thai Wrap. I must add that the Roast Beef Thai Wrap was apart of their Boars Head menu. Apparently, they are the only sub shop in Davie that sells the Boar's Head Brand. The Roast Beef Thai Wrap was good but nothing special. It had a little too much peanut sauce and I didn't appreciate the cold refrigerated meat in the sandwich. I don't know if it was because I was expecting something more but I didn't feel like Davie Subs offered me something more than what I could find at any other sub shop, dear I say like Subway. If I went to school in the area (Broward College is next door) or lived or worked in the area, it is worth coming for a quick and affordable lunch, but since none of the above apply to me, sadly, I probably will never be back.

Davie Sub & Sandwich Cafe
3940 SW 64th Ave, Davie FL 33314
(954) 587-9751

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