Thursday, May 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Alma Mexicana - Miami Beach, FL

From the first time I was introduced to Alma Mexicana to the last time I ate there, I have remained a fan. Everytime I go, it gets better and better. Alma Mexicana offers fresh and dear I say authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. In South Beach, everything is so expensive and if its not expensive its either Burger King, pizza or just not that good, so I am so glad that Alma's exists. They are by far the best Mexican food on the beach.

The last time I went to Alma's I got the fish tacos. The fish tacos consist of breaded and fried tilapia, shredded cabbage, mayo and salsa stuffed in double corn tortillas. I also add hot sauce from from the salsa bar (I am Jamaican, I need my spicy). It comes with 3 tacos but I am greedy and ate two before I remembered to take a picture.

Although it is a small casual dining restaurant, there is enough seating. The service is fast, the staff is friendly and the portions big. I couldn't ask for more or maybe I could. They also have margaritas and they are damn good too!!!

Alma Mexicana
1344 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL 33139

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