Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resturant Review: Lo De Lea Argentinean Grill - Little Haiti/Upper Eas Side - Miami, FL

It was a long, hot day. I had been running errands with a friend in the Mimo area and we were starving. I hadn't eaten since morning and it was now close to 4, so we decided to go to my favorite sushi place close by. So excited and ready to chow down on some rolls, we get there and apparently they are not open and won't be until much later. Bummer! I did a quick search for good eats in the area on my iPhone and found three choices that were open, one being Lo De Lea. We decided that we were both really hungry and should just grab an early dinner, so we went there.

Lo De Lea Argentinean Grill is an extreme small stand alone restaurant on the corner of Biscayne Blvd and NE 70th Street with its own small lot (I love convenience). We caught them right after opening (they open at 4pm) so we were the only customers there, but considering the small size of the restaurant, I am glad we came at this time, for a more personal and comfortable dining experience. Our server who may have been the chef and/or owner wasn't too friendly but when we had questions, he answered them with no problems. After placing our order, we were brought bread with ali-oli; what a great introduction of what was to come!

Yes, I know this is an Argentinean restaurant and meat should probably be your first and only choice but I was just drawn to the Salmon Fresco. I started to second guess my choice and think maybe I should have just ordered a steak, but once my food came, boy was I glad with my choice. Putting all steaks asides, the grilling of this salmon was perfect. It was crispy on the edges, fully cooked but still moist as ever on the inside; probably one of the best cooked salmon dishes I have ever had. It was served with rosemary roasted potatoes which was also really good and also perfectly roasted. My friend got the Bife De Chorizo and really loved it (like really really loved it) and espically loved the chimmicurri sauce it came with (we both put it on our potatoes).

Salmon Fresco
Bife De Chorizo

After reaching almost starvation and searching high and low for some food (yes I know that is quite not what happened), Lo De Lea Argentinean Grill was the prefect fix and will have to deal with seeing me again.

Lo De Lea Argentinean Grill
7001 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33138
(305) 456-3218

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