Friday, July 20, 2012

Che Pibe Argentinian Grill - Miramar, FL

Food, eat, have some meat. Truthfully, I am a not a big meat eater, but the last time I went to an Argentinian restaurant I opted for salmon, so this time, I wanted to go all out and get the real experience by getting the Argentine Grill for One/Parrillada Argentina. I have to admit when they handed me my plate, it was meats galore (steak, pork, sausage & chicken) and I was taken a bit taken aback. What is considered Argentine Grill for One can really serve one family in my opinion. It was a bit overwhelming for me (although most would love this) but what could I do other than just digging in. The first thing I tasted was the chicken breast and it was cold in the middle, obviously not made fresh but warmed to serve. I continued to sample some of the other pieces; some were alright, other not so much. It gave me the feeling that they just put together random pieces of leftover meat they have and call it a dish. My boyfriend got the New York Strip/Bife de Chorizo and it was much better than what I got. It seems that his steak was made fresh but was nothing special. Overall, the quality of the meat was just not up to par and was extremely fatty. In addition to our entrees, we had the Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomatoes for our appetizer and Tiramisu for dessert. The mozzarella and tomatoes were pretty standard but I have two complaints. It was not designed as a great sharing dish and there wasn't enough balsamic vinegar. The Tiramisu was my favorite of the night. It had a good balance and was not overly sweet. I also loved how it was serve, although that made it harder to eat. They also make Sangria (I had a glass), but it was also sub par and was too sweet (more of a juice than a wine flavor).


Considering the food, the service was actually really good. The waitress was very tentative and eager to help. She was friendly and appear to enjoy her job which is always a plus. The restaurant itself is location in a strip mall, next to an array of shops and a Publix. The restaurant is small, minimally decorated but is still inviting, well maintained and clean.

My experience at Che Pibe Argentinian Grill wasn't outright bad, but for me the food has to speak for itself and it didn't, so I will probably not be going back again.

Che Pibe Argentinian Grill
11040 Pembroke Road Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 433-7224

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  1. New ownership and chef give a second try you will be pleasantly surprised