Thursday, August 30, 2012

Off the Hookah Lounge - Downtown Miami (Bayside Marketplace), FL

If you live in South Florida at some point you've heard about Off the Hookah whether it be their location in West Palm, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Off the Hookah Miami is mostly known as an afterhours lounge, but me being the glutton for food, decided it would be best to grab some dinner and see what the fuss is about at the same time. Really though, I was just craving some off the hook hookah!

We got there a little before 9pm so much of the staff was preparing for the nightclub hours. There were also a lot of people standing around with nothing to do too. We were seated right away, but since we did not have reservations we were seated at an awkward spot in the middle of the dining area so I recommended making reservations with specification of where u want to sit if you do decide to come here. I would even suggest that sitting on the patio outside by the water may be a lot nicer. Random, but the chairs were very uncomfortable.

The scene fit the feel of the restaurant/lounge. Music was playing, the lights were colorful, and a belly dancer dances so it is an overall a fun atmosphere. The others that had arrive early like we had, were having a good time; dancing, singing, talking, eating, drinking and smoking. I personally like places like this but if you are looking for a quiet dinner, this is definitely not the place to be.

As I said before, there was a lot of staff when we arrived, but even after being seated immediately, it took a awfully long time for someone to come to our table. There seem to be some confusing as to who should be serving what table. Other than that, the service was good. The waitress we had was very friendly and helpful. She seemed to like her job and that makes all the difference in the world.

The food overall was mediocre. The Maryland Crab Dip was alright. It tasted fine but was nothing special. With the crostinis (which I'm not a fan of) it was palatable but with the pita chips (which I love on their own), it came off as bit too salty.

I enjoyed the Rack of Lamb (herb crusted and charbroiled). Although it was cooked well done and I had asked for medium, it was not dried out and I enjoyed the flavor of the crust. The goat cheese mashed potatoes were whatever; I didn't like the cheese combo. The asparagus drizzled with a Andros sauce was good.

The Filet Mignon wasn't very good at all. It was tender but as flavor goes it was very bland. It clearly was not seasoned and the sauce it came with added nothing to save the lack of the flavor. Again the bleu cheese mashed potatoes just were not good and the asparagus drizzled with a Cyprus sauce was good. Now, the drinks (a Signature Margarita & Long Island) on the other hand were nice and strong.

The main reason to come to Off the Hookah is the hookah and whether it was off the hook or not is to be determined, but I was happy with it. Let me preface by saying that I don't smoke and this was probably like my third or fourth time smoking hookah but I did enjoy the chocolate-mint flavor and it lasted through our entire meal which she outed so we could eat and re lit once we were done eating so no complaints here and it was well worth the price.

Perhaps if I came late night I would have enjoyed it much better, but for dinner since it is all about the food it would not be a top choice. It is however, a good place for groups and a fun place to have a good time.

Off the Hookah
401 Biscayne Boulevard R103 (Bayside Marketplace) Miami, FL 33132
(305) 373-5724

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