Friday, August 3, 2012

Yakitori Sake House - Boca Raton, FL

Known as Boca Raton's first Izakaya Japanese lounge, I was very excited to go and check out Yakitori Sake House. The have both outdoor and indoor seating, but I decided since the sun was still out, I would dine indoor. The decor stayed true to the Izakaya concept, which I really liked. Although the furniture was very simple, the colored walls and neon lighting set the scene.

I was greeted and seated by a hostess immediately, but after that it took a ridiculously long time before a waitress even came to the table to place the drink order. Unfortunately, I still was not ready to order, so it was another long wait to place the order for the food. After that however, the food came out considerably quick. The waitress was pleasant but not very friendly or helpful.

There were many menu options, but since they included Yakitori in their name, that was my only option for the night. I ordered the alligator, beef, salmon and shrimp skewers. My favorite was the beef with scallions. The beef was tender and had very good flavor. Delish! I also enjoyed the alligator, although it was a bit greasy. The shrimp was good too, but I could have done without the salmon. The Volcano Fried Rice was pretty typical. It was better than the greasy takeout you received from most South Florida restaurants, but it was a bit too mushy for me. Overall, the food was good but was pretty forgettable.

My experience at Yakitori Sake House wasn't the worse but the place had the potential to be so much greater, so I was a bit disappointed.

Yakitori Sake House
271 Southeast Mizner Boulevard Boca Raton, FL 33432
(Located in Royal Palms Place)
(561) 544-0087

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