Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pei Wei Asian Diner - Davie/Weston, FL

I remember the first time that I ate at Pei Wei's I thought, WOW! this is pretty good and more affordable option to PF Changs. Well, years late, I was wrong. While the food is not horrible, it isn't worth the price that is paid. Not sure if prices went up or if I was just confused but for PF Chang's to be the upper scale version of Pei Wei's, the prices are basically the same and the food quality at Pei Wei's is much lower. Honestly, if you have both restaurants close by, you are better off going to PF Chang's (although they have also fallen off a lot in my opinion). There are Chinese takeout restaurants better than this and cheaper than this.
The last time that I ate here I order the Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken Dinner Select with a spring roll. I typically order the Honey Seared Shrimp but the time before this it was doused in sauce so sweet I couldn't really stand to eat it. Kung Pao is a typical dish at most Chinese restaurants so how bad could it really be? Well, although it was not overly sweet like the Honey Seared it was however, overly salty that again I couldn't really stand to eat it. So disappointing! The spring roll was fine but I would have rather that taste bad than my actual meal.

My friend got the Sesame Chicken and an egg roll. He seemed fine with his but it was nothing to rave about. He would have rather gone someplace instead.

I do want to like Pei Wei but the last two times I went weren't the only times I was left less than satisfied, so I have come to the conclusion that after many tries I am simply just not a fan.

Pei Wei Asian Diner
4517 Weston Road Weston, FL 33331
(954) 308-7330


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