Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cibo Wine Bar - Coral Gables, FL

To sum up Cibo Wine Bar, I would dub it as an Italian sports bar for the sophisticated. Although elegantly decorated, it still remained rustic at heart. The ambiance is sophisticated yet warm and inviting with stone and glass walls, wood finishes, exposed brick and butcher block table tops. This is also reflected in the service. The manager/owner personally comes to the table to check on you like most fine dining establishments, yet the staff is dressed in T-shirts and jeans. Cibo Wine Bar is the best of both worlds. It offers you a nice dining experience yet it allows you to be comfortable. Plus, with a nice bar and TV's, I can feel sophisticated drinking a glass of wine from their extensive wine list while my boyfriend can kick back and watch the game. But really, the main draw to come to Cibo Wine Bar was to witness the wine angel.

Like the restaurant decor, the food is also rustic but elegant. The menu offers guests a true taste of Italian cuisine, from fine dining dishes to pizza. They also bring the Italian by present you with a fresh Italian loaf and olives. We started off our meal with Polenta Fries. I've never had them before so I didn't know what to expect and pictured something crispy like French fries. They were fresh out the fryer and super steaming hot! They were basically just polenta served with marinara sauce and gorgonzola dip. There were nothing special to me but I assume if you really like polenta you would like it more than I did.

There were three of us so we ordered pasta and two pizza pies. The pasta was delicious. It was fettuccine with shrimp, pesto and mascarpone cheese in a touch of tomato sauce. It was very fresh, beautifully flavored, and perfectly cooked. It was rich in flavor but remained light.

The patata + salsiccia pizza was fabulous. The salty and spicy from the sausage, the sweet from the potatoes and the rich flavors of the gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese all combined to make a scrumptious pizza. It was the perfect combo and so deliciously amazing. The diavola pizza was good too but with all the original and interesting pizzas they have, I wasn't as impressive but it was good quality pizza for those with less adventurous taste.
Cibo Wine Bar provides good food, large portions that you can share, good prices and a vibrant bar scene. I am in!

Cibo Wine Bar
45 Miracle Mile Miami, FL 33134
(305) 442-4925

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  1. Was there last weekend with my friends and went in to order drinks on Friday night. As we sat down in the fountain area the manager came up to us in a very irate manner that was very scary. He was yelling profanities about the restaurant next door and saying that we could not hang out and have our drinks by the fountain. I have never experienced anything like this anywhere. For a moment there I thought he was going to hurt us physically. I don't understand what his problem was but I will NEVER go to this restaurant ever again and will be telling this story for a long while. I frequently visit the restaurants in the area with friends.


    1. Sorry to hear your experience sucked.