Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confucio Express - Weston/Southwest Ranches, FL

Finding good Chinese delivery in Weston is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I have ordered from several places during the many years I have lived in the area and while some have been decent, some have been downright bad. For instance, at one restaurant, I found a cockroach in my bag and obviously not only was I less than pleased but disgusted. There used to be one that I really like but once they changed management, it just was not the same. In any case, all those trials and tribulations have led me to try the relatively new addition, Confucio Express.

My call to place the order was a little iffy. It wasn't that they weren't nice but that they were unprofessional. I hate when you are put on hold only to hear the background conversation with someone else. The other strike was the fact that they failed to ask for my address when I was requesting delivery. I had to offer up the information on my own and since I was not asked for my number either and considering their phone has no hold button, I doubt it has caller ID so if I didn’t remember myself, I wonder what would have happened? However, once I was able to correctly place the order, the food came to my door in less than 30 minutes (I am not that close). I guess I can ignore the lapse in customer service since I was hungry and my food did come fast.

The first thing on my order was the Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. What I didn’t like about them was that they were over sauced and sweet. All I can say was they were decent. They probably would have been way better without the sauce or at least with less of it.

Next up was the Orange Chicken. It was okay. The initial taste was fine but it had a finishing taste that I didn't find too pleasant. It came with broccoli which is broccoli. It wasn't over cooked so that was good.
To complement the poultry dishes, was an order of pork fried rice. It was surprisingly pretty good. They use stronger spices than most American Chinese but I liked it.

My feelings on Confucio Express are a little mixed. I didn't LOVE my food, but frankly I have never really loved any Chinese delivery I have ever had in the area so considering that, I am not counting them out just yet, but they definitely have to step their game up!

Confucio Express
1384 SW 160 Ave, Weston, FL 33326
(954) 513-4500

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