Monday, November 26, 2012

Travel to the The DRB - Democratic Republic Of Beer in Downtown Miami, FL

Have you ever been to the tiny nation located on the outskirt of Downtown Miami called The Democratic Republic Of Beer? Well, I have and I am here to tell you, it's worth the trip. Once I set foot in The DRB I travelled from Vietnam to Kenya to Australia all in one day, and I didn't even have to use my passport. So, if you are a booze hound or would love the ability to choose from an obscene amount of beers (500 from over 60 nations to be exact), you definitely need to hit up The DRB. And if you start to get a little too tipsy and need some food to balance all the alcohol, their food menu is just as good, featuring an array of dishes representing some of the same nations.

Kenya/Tusker Lager (4.2%)
Philippines/San Miguel Lager (5%)
Australia/Cooper's Stout (6.3%)
India/Kingfisher Lager (4.8%)
Sri Lanka/Lion Stout (8%)
Vietnam/33 Export (4.8%)

It may be a small bar with limited seating, but that is made up for by the friendly staff, beer options and the happy feeling you get from drinking too many!

The DRB - Democratic Republic Of Beer
255 NE 14th St MiamiFL 33132

501 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33132

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