Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dollar Mania Wednesdays at 100 Montaditos in Pembroke Pines (Other Locations)

What is Dollar Mania you ask? Wednesday Dollar Mania is where booze (wine and beer), montaditos (mini sandwiches) and everything else on the menu except platters and salads are just a dollar at 100 Montaditos. Yes, $1. To me it means tapas and a bargain, so count me in on that.

The restaurant is self service. The best thing to do since it gets really packed, especially on Wednesdays, is to first grab a table. At the table, you can go over the menu and figure out what you want to order before going up to the counter. It may take some time to figure it out when you have over 100 choices to choose from. Once you place your order, they will call you when your food is ready.

The food itself isn't so spectacular, but everything is $1 and with so much choices, you have to expect that there are going to be some misses but there are a few hits in the bunch. Out of the all the montaditos I have sampled so far, the Calamari with Ali Oli is my favorite. The Brava Potatoes also are really good too. Again, at $1 the beer, wine and sangria aren't quality but can you expect that at such a price? Put it this way, I've had the same quality at a higher price point so I am satisfied with what I got in that respect. The sandwiches are small (but you can fill up on 2-3 or if your greedy 4-6). The drinks are regular sized which is awesome.

With such high traffic and turn around, they are very good at maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant. As soon as someone leaves, they come around and clear the table for the next customers. However, as good as they are at doing that, wouldn't it make sense to also restock the table with napkins, menus and order sheets at the same time?

I would sum up this place as quantity over quality. It is more about getting a great deal than receiving quality food. Not saying the food is bad, but your not leaving thinking that this was the best sandwich you ever ate. In addition to their Wednesday mania, on Thursdays beers and sangria are $1, but everyday is a pretty good deal since all the montaditos are under $3 and almost everything else is under $6 (except the beer buckets and wine by the bottle).

100 Montaditos
Pembroke Lakes Square
175 North Hiatus Road, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
(954) 353-3390

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