Monday, December 17, 2012

Tarpon Bend: Happy Hour Hot Spot in Coral Gables

If you want to get it popping on a Friday night, Tarpon Bend has got you. When I arrived around 6/7 I was thinking, happy hour, lowkey, drinks by the bar. However, I approached what appeared to be a club scene; long line, packed wall to wall and scantily clad girls, who I hope don't go to work dressed like that. I almost had the urge to turn back but realized people were just outside enjoying their festivities since the restaurant was already so full. After making up our minds to stay, we were going to just get in where we fit in, but my friend was starving and wanted to eat something so we put our name on the list to be seated and then made our way to the bar to partake in the happy hour 2-for-1 drink special (M-F from 3-9pm, Sat 3-7pm).

We ordered a few round of drinks during our time there and I have to say that considering the deal, they were really good drinks especially the mojito but the wine not so much. I hate when you go someplace and because they are discounting you, they just water down the drinks to stretch their dollar. They don't do that here.

After a not so long of a wait (considering the ridiculous amount of people), we were called to our table. Our server isn't worth noting as was the service because it was so busy, but he was efficient despite the scene. He just really didn't have too much time for pleasantries but at least he had a smile on his face while serving us and I can't say that for many others servers I have had. Anyways, my friend ended up ordering the Key West Shrimp Sandwich. It was good but nothing to rave about.

After finishing her sandwich, she was craving sweets so we ended up ordering the Warm Pecan Brownie. I didn't find it to be great, the brownie was a little too dry.

Happy Hour at Tarpon Bend was definitely legendary yet I have a hard time placing my opinion of this place. As a happy hour spot, I felt more like I was in a night club then having drink by the bar which throws me off. Yet, if I look at it from a night club stand point, the music isn't there and the atmosphere seems lackluster. However, the drinks were good and I had a good time, so I definitely want to come again but more for happy hour than lunch or dinner. 

Worth noting is Mojito Madness Thursdays with $3.50 fresh mojitos all day long! That might be a better time for someone like to to stop by. Also, they have an additional location in Fort Lauderdale.

Tarpon Bend - Coral Gables
65 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 444-3210

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