Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not So off the Chain: Panda Express (Nationwide)

Panda Express is what I would describe as a fast food buffet. It is disguised as fast casual Asian-inspired cuisine but really it's just cafeteria food. I'm not saying it is disgusting or that their prices aren't very reasonable, it just that even for fast food, its not worth a visit. 

The noodles taste like flour which is what all noodles are made of, I know, but these taste like you literally are eating flour. Although the chicken and other things like the rice aren't as bad, it is not anywhere close to being good enough to even consider this as an option. Asian food is usually relatively cheap and I can guaranteed you can find a neighborhood option that is way better. 

I have dined at Panda Express a handful of times spread out over the course of many many years. The last time I went was to the location on Miramar Parkway. Despite the food, the restaurant was very clean and well maintained, and the women at the front serving was pleasant enough, but just PASS!

Panda Express
12332 Miramar Parkway  Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 438-9495

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