Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Brunch at Bonefish Grill

I have dined at Bonefish Grill a few times and I have never been impressed. The only thing that seems to keep me coming back is the Bang Bang Shrimp and only on Wednesdays when it is $5 because otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it. Recently, Bonefish Grill has introduced Sunday brunch (they are a dinner only restaurant). I wanted to take my boyfriend for breakfast/brunch for his birthday (just us before the crazy evening to come) but didn't want anything fancy and didn't want to venture too far so that is really why we ended up at Bonefish. I also found it to be a good opportunity to give them another chance.

We got there around 11am (opening time) and were surprised to see tables already seated and that we were walking in with another group. By the time it was 11:30am the restaurant was already pretty active. After we were seated, I did a quick glance of the menu and thought that they had a pretty good balance of dishes. In addition to the brunch menu they also serve their regular menu. Our server was very helpful in explaining the menu since we never dined here for brunch before.

I decided to order the Endless Bubbles Brunch which is any breakfast entrée with an endless supply of Mimosas or Bellinis. I selected the Créme Brulee French Toast. It sounded so delicious; toast wtih Grand Marnier + orange zest batter, served with mascarpone whipped cream, fresh mint, strawberries and bacon. Yum! When it arrived our server explained that you have to eat a little bit of everything together and it tastes just like Creme Brulee. I don't know if I can agree with that, but it was good, fresh and a yummy combination. The bacon....need I say more! 

There are three drink choices, but I selected the Traditional Mimosa. I love that it was made with fresh orange juice and that you could taste the alcohol in it. Our server who started off so well but was slow in bring my refill drinks. He asked if I wanted another and of course I said yes but he never came back with a new one. After waiting for quite some time, I inquired about the drink because I thought he forgot and he tried to say he was waiting on the bartender but when we looked over to the bar, the drink was just sitting there waiting. Another time, someone else ended up bringing the drink but got the drink wrong and brought me a Passionfruit Mimosa instead, however I enjoyed it anyways. The drinks were really great but, the service was a bit slow. It wasn't endless but more like stop and go.

My boyfriend kept it more traditional and less sweet and ordered the Western Omelet with house-made turkey chorizo, cheddar, cilantro,
ranchero, lime sour cream and a side of potatoes au gratin. The omelet was tasty, made with fresh ingredients and most importantly the eggs were fluffy. Now, the potatoes, damn those were good (I ate about half of his). 

Brunch at Bonefish Grill was a new experience and the brunch food was more enjoyable than their regular menu, but still, something about Bonefish Grill just doesn't seem to impress me. They do make good, fresh food, its just, not great. I like a little pizzazz and their food is a little lackluster.

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