Thursday, January 17, 2013

Uvas Restaurant - Miami, FL (MiMo District)

Uvas Restaurant is located on Biscayne Boulevard in a colorful Mediterranean-style building in the MIMO district. The benefits of dining in this area is the quaint charm of the restaurants and the free parking. Uvas Restaurant is no exception to that. 

After parking our car in back, we got out and walked to the front of the restaurant where were greeted warmly and given the option to be seated in the dining room or on the outdoor patio lounge. At the time we arrived, the restaurant wasn't too packed and it was a bit windy so we decided to dine inside. Besides, no one else opted for indoor so we were the only ones and it provided us with our own personal dining experience. The intimacy of having our own dining room made the restaurant much more enjoyable. Even as the restaurant filled up, we were still the only ones inside up until we were about to finish our meal.  

Our waiter, who I am sorry to have forgotten his name was so amazing. He was so helpful; giving us ideas and recommendations in our food and wine selections. But beyond the basics you expect of a waiter, he was just really nice, genuine and funny. He wanted to see us have a great dining experience and he succeeded, it was one of my more memorable meals I have had in quite some time. 

As amazing as everything thing else was, the food was just as spectacular, down to their house Merlot. We started with the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. I was disappointed when I saw that is was not lump crab and even more so, when it tasted like mostly fillers, but I will say that the seasoning and the mango butter sauce saved it and it was really good. They should however not call it lump crab cake since it was not that. 

The Grilled Churrasco was so yummy for the tummy! It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Demi-glazed essence is what they called the sauce and it was delish! It comes with Gorgonzola polenta which had to be good, since I'm not a fan of polenta and I thought it tasted pretty good. The watercress salad was fresh and a nice bonus.

The Grilled Mahi-Mahi was so tender, flaky, and tasty. The seasoning on the fish wasn't much but combined with the creamy and equally tasty roasted tomato shrimp risotto, it created a perfect balance of flavors. The Citrus Arugula salad was very fresh and good too. 

With food so good, I made sure to save room for dessert and cappuccino! 

The first dessert we ordered was the Warm Crumble Apple Tart. It was accompanied by vanilla bean gelato and caramel rum sauce. It's not type of dessert I usually go for but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mmmm! 

The second dessert (yes, the second) was the Coconut and Banana Tres Leches. Not sure where the banana was but I did like the hints of coconut flavor and the texture from the Florentine crisp. It's not what I know of a typical Tres Leches cake, but I loved it even more than what I have had before. Very moist cake that melted in my mouth. 

I am very ecstatic that I decided to try this place out. Maybe I wouldn't have loved it as much, had I come at a different time or had gotten a different waiter but I did choose a good time and got am amazing waiter so it was great. I had good food and fun times so I will be back soon!

Uvas Restaurant
6900 Biscayne Boulevard  Miami, FL 33138

(305) 754-9022

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