Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acme Oyster House - Metairie, LA (5 locations)

I know that Drago's Seafood Restaurant is the home of the original chargrilled oysters, but I had also heard about Acme Oyster House and wanted to do a little comparison. My taste test determined that they were both really good, cheesy and scrumptious, but I found that the Acme oysters were a little bigger, and relied less on the cheesiness and focused instead on overall flavor.

In addition to the oysters they are famous for, Acme Oyster House has a good selection of New Orleans treats. My boyfriend went for the Fried Fish Po-Boy which he thought was pretty good and said he would come back for.

On the side, he ordered some French Fries. They were blah and he said he would order a different side next time.

I ended up eating Red Beans & Rice. I thought it was delicious. It reminded me of something we eat in Jamaica called Stewed Peas.

The food was exceptional, as was the service. Our waitress was very friendly, engaging in conversation and making sure we were comfortable. Not sure if it was her doing or the chef's but the half dozen chargrilled oysters came with seven instead of the six, but it was awesome.

Acme Oyster House seemed to have edged out Drago's in more ways than one, so if I ever have the craving, I am heading to Acme.

Acme Oyster House
3000 Veterans Memorial Blvd  Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 309-4056
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