Monday, February 25, 2013

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar - Metairie / New Orleans, LA (Locations Nationwide)

If there was anything I could love more than sushi it would be Chicken Wings! So, being in a new city, it was imperative that I find a good place to get wings. I have seen Buffalo Wild Wings locations in a few different place but for whatever reason, I have never tried them out. I figured what better time than now to give them a try.

This Buffalo Wild Wings location is huge. It has a sports bar setup with tables inside and outside with a upper level deck outdoors. There were TVs everywhere but most interestingly there was a small screen at every table showing some kind of sporting event. I thought that was a really cool idea! What took away from the place was that they had games upstairs like basketball. With people playing upstairs, down below where we were eating, it just sounded like a lot of chaos and was distracting if not annoying.

I came here for the wings, so I intended to try them. They list the wings on the menu based on their hotness level which is great for those worried about spiciness. I however found the scale to be inaccurate and those said to be hot weren't and vice versa.

We ordered the Jammin' Jalapeno. It was in the mid range of spiciness despite the Jalapeno in the title. It wasn't really spicy at all. It was fact was sweet with a thick jelly sauce. I didn't like it, it was way too sweet for me.

Going up in spiciness, we also got the Hot BBQ. Again I didn't find it to be hot, and the BBQ sauce wasn't very good.

You cannot go to Buffalo Wild without trying their signature Wild sauce. On the scale it was second to the top of the spiciest, and to any normal person it probably would be. It was fine, I just enjoy regular hot sauce a little more.

The final flavor we tried was the Mango Habanero. It wasn't as high on the spicy scale but I found it to be hotter than the Wild. I actually enjoyed this flavor and it was my favorite of the night.

For our side, we had French Fries. They are said to be dusted with Salt & Vinegar, but my taste buds didn't get much of that flavor, they tasted plain to me.

My conclusion is, it is a great place to hang out and watch a game, however, I wouldn't recommend it as a great place to eat wings. The wings aren't horrible and if you are craving and don't have any other options, you will be satisfied, but if you can find a local joint, not apart of a chain, you will most likely enjoy it it a lot better.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
3434 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 252-4606
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