Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Time Sushi - Gentilly / New Orleans, LA

I recently moved to New Orleans and I am sushi obsessed so you could imagine my uber excitement when I discovered Good Time Sushi! It a little hole in the wall establishment that you could easily drive by and not notice or not think to go inside of, so I am so glad I did and found what is probably going to be my new sushi spot.

My sushi tester is the Spicy Tuna Roll. Although it wasn't a great Spicy Tuna (it just was not spicy), it was still a good roll. Besides, I enjoyed the Rock N Roll a lot and from that alone, I could tell they make quality rolls.

In addition to those two rolls, I also ordered the Good Time Roll. This one was by far my favorite. You could taste the freshness of the fish and the craftsmanship as each piece went into your mouth.

Although their name suggests that they are all about the sushi, they also offer Japanese Hibachi food. I didn't try any this time so I cannot comment on its taste, but if their sushi is any indication, it should be good.

Good Time Sushi
5315 Elysian Fields Ave  New Orleans, LA 70122
(504) 265-0721
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