Monday, February 4, 2013

Visit New Orleans: The Big Easy (Day 2)

Good Morning New Orleans! Our hotel included breakfast. Well, it wasn't exactly breakfast, but things like cereal, muffins and croissants. It obviously wasn't the most fabulous of breakfasts but at least the items were fresh and weren't stale.

After breakfast and getting ready, we made our way to the St. Charles Streetcar to explore more of the city. We hopped on and headed to Audubon Park, where we just relaxed and chill out. 

It wasn't the most beautiful park I have ever been to, but it was very tranquil and the birds chirping was a soothing sound to be heard.

Once we started to get hungry, we hopped back on the St. Charles Streetcar to the Garden District for lunch. We got off on Lousiana Ave and we headed towards Magazine St where a lot of restaurants and shops are and stumbled upon The Rum House. 

Not only was it a good sign that the restaurant was packed, but I was excited when I saw the red stripe boxes on the table. My country (Jamaica) was being represented so I felt obliged to check it out. 

My boyfriend ordered the Jerked Roasted Chicken. Althought it did not have the authentic jerk taste or wasn't very spicy, it was tender, well seasoned and well cooked. The coconut mango rice it came with was also not authentic, but has a nice taste to it although it was a bit too sweet. 

I choose to order the Two Dat Taco Combo. The first taco I had was the Seared Scallops. It was extremely good, tender, fresh and very nice combo of flavors. You can't go wrong with scotch bonnet! The Fried Oyster taco was even better. Again it was crunchy but tender, nice combo of flavors and finished off with a nice little tangy spicy taste. In addition to the tacos, the meal came with two side. I choose plantains and coleslaw. Both were delicious and fresh. 

The food here was really good and I can see why they were so busy. Our waitress, on the other hand, wasn't very good. She was slow in about every aspect of the meal but most annoyingly not refilling our waters. I saw the other people on staff doing a much better job so it was just a matter of not getting the right person. 

After lunch, I was having sugar cravings and so we headed to Sucre for some after lunch sweets. 

They have a variety of everything to satisfy your sugar cravings. I tasted a couple of their ice cream options and although hard to settle on one since they were all so good, I picked the cookies and cream. It was very good, not artificially tasting, and creamy. 

I also picked up some macarons for later. They were good but the flavors I picked, I didn't love except the salted caramel. 

After that, we strolled around the Garden district for a little while looking at the house and seeing the neighborhood. 

We even stopped by the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 because apparently that's a tourist attraction, but seeing dead people just didn't excite me.

After a little bit more walking, we were starting to get tired so we hopped on the bus back to the hotel. 

Once back at the hotel, we indulged in a little wine and cheese provide by the hotel. Nothing spectacular but relaxing after a pretty long day. 

Once we were finally starting to get a little hungry, we headed to Napoleon House Bar for late night snacks and drinks. My boyfriend ate a Pastrami Sandwich. It wasn't bad but like he said, it's not like what you get in NYC. 

I on the other hand kept it New Orleans traditional and got the Italian Muffuletta. It was pretty good, an interested concept that added to the mundane taste of a typical sandwich.

I also could not leaving with the house specialty, Pimms Cup. Woooo!!!

Napoleon House was a more upscale place with a bit older clientele. As crazy as I can get sometimes, I enjoy these type of setting since sloppy drunk people turn me off. Everyone was really nice and friendly. I felt welcomed here. 

Day two was my relax and explore day but I am saving the fun for Day 3 since it is my last full in New Orleans. I hope to leave with a bang.

The Rum House - Caribbean Taqueria
3128 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 941-7560
The Rum House on Urbanspoon

3025 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 520-8311
Sucré on Urbanspoon

Napoleon House Bar & Cafe
500 Chartres St New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 524-9752
Napoleon House Bar & Café on Urbanspoon

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