Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Visit New Orleans: The Big Easy (Day 3)

Unfortunately, we woke up this morning to rainy weather. Despite that, we hit the streets. We walked around, doing some shopping in the French Quarter and along Canal Street.

We hopped on the Canal Streetcar to Riverwalk to grab breakfast at the Cafe Du Monde located there. The mall was wack and empty and beyond Cafe Du Monde I couldn't see a reason why anyone went there.

Because of the rain, it was a pretty chilly day so although I really wanted to try the Frozen one, I opted for the regular Cafe Au Lait.

And of course we got Beignets too! Those things are so delicious. Not because it is a special phenomenon but mostly because you get them hot out of the fryer. They are definitely worth at least one trip in New Orleans, although after the first bite you become addicted and it will end up being way more than that.

After breakfast, we walked towards the pier.

Since it was free, we decided to get on the ferry to Algiers.

I love a good boat ride, so I was excited to go. However, it was a very quick 5 minutes to get there (I wasn't counting) and a very quick ride back. I didn't really see the point. There was no beautiful view and frankly the water was brown, disgusting and smelled horrible.

After that stench of a ride, we headed to Harrah's Casino.

We are both gambling fiends so this was right up our alley. Basically after a few table games and slot play, we walked away with $30 in wins! Not much but much better than losing it all I say.

All that winning made us famished, so we headed to Drago's Seafood Restaurant, home of the original chargrilled oysters.

My boyfriend ordered the fish special for the day which was Blackened Redfish with a side of baked potato and green beans. He enjoyed it. It has a nice flavor and you could tell that the fish was very fresh.

I obviously had some chargrilled oysters. These were by far some of the most scrumptious tasting oyster I have ever had. They were orgasmically good! Yes that good!

Along side that, I had the Seafood Gumbo. The flavoring was good and the seafood in it were well cooked, however it arrived at room temperature and wasn't hot so it took away from me really being able to enjoy it.

Our server was cool, but ended up charging us the wrong thing and then to top it off their credit card machine was down so we spend a long time waiting on our bill to be processed. She was very nice and was wonderful in rectifying the situation. She explained that their credit card machine was down a few days ago also while it was crazy busy and much worse. That just seems like some thing they really need to work on for a popular, more upscale restaurant such as this.

After lunch, we took the Riverwalk Streetcar to the French Market. We did a little bit more shopping and ended up picking up some pralines from Loretta's Pralines.

The pralines were okay to me. We make something similar in Jamaica so I am used to that taste, these were a bit overly sweet. I wanted to try her sweet potato cookies but she didn't have any at the time.

After that, we walked back to our hotel, enjoying the houses and the Mardi Gras decorations in the neighborhood.

Once back at the hotel, we did a little pregaming with their local Taaka vodka.

We didn't go overboard, since we had made dinner reservations at 9pm for Sobou. When we arrived it was a really nice setting. Very warm, inviting and romantic if you will.

The menu is well balanced with a lot of good options so it was a bit hard to decide. My boyfriend had the Crispy Chicken on the Bone, which was amazing!

Which he paired with Mac N Cheese! Which compared to the chicken wasn't amazing but it was still really good.

I had the Foie Gras Burger which was oh so good! The beef was good quality and melted in my mouth. It was well combined and flavorful. Ever element added something to it. My only issue was it was far too greasy but I guess it was hard to really help that. The pork crackling was a nice touch. The root beer float was awesome! I loved it!

We finished off the meal with the Dark and Stormy Banana Rum Cake. My boyfriend loved it but I wasn't as impressed. It was good but not spectacular.

After dinner, we headed to Bourbon Street to bar hop and have dranks! I'll admit, I don't remember too much but we did go into Tropical Isle for a Hand Grenade.

The night was a haze so it must mean I had fun, right? Lets hoping I wake up tomorrow in time for my flight!

Cafe Du Monde
500 Port of New Orleans Suite 27 New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 587-0841
Café Du Monde on Urbanspoon

Drago's Seafood Restaurant
2 Poydras St (Hilton New Orleans Riverside) New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 584-3911
Drago's Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

310 Chartres St (W Hotel) New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 552-4095
SoBou (W Hotel) French Quarter on Urbanspoon

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