Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cheen Huaye Southern Mexican Restaurant - North Miami / Aventura, FL

Many people might believe that Taco Bell is an authentic Mexican dinner. While it may be cheap and quick, it is definitely not the place to go for authentic Mexican food. The place to go is Cheen Huaye in Aventura.
I visited Cheen Huaye one afternoon with a friend. The restaurant is located on the corner of a strip mallUpon entering the restaurant, you know that this is going to be an authentic meal and not some cheesy Tex-Mex style experience. The restaurant was very clean with a casual but nice atmosphere. 
We were immediately greeted by a waitress who told us we could sit anywhere we would like. There were many tables to choose from, indoor and outdoor but we choose to sit inside. 
Upon picking our table, our waitress introduced herself and asked what we would like to drink. We ordered waters and began scanning the menu. The menu has a nice selection, but is not too big. It is helpful to know a small amount of basic Spanish in order to completely understand some of the dishes, but there are also explanations listed in English. 
Our waitress brought out the standard free chips and salsa along with our drinks. The salsa was among the best I have ever had. It was extremely fresh, full of flavor and spicy like I like it! Definitely not your typical tomato from a can.
For my meal, I ordered the Tacos de Pescado. It was made with fresh grilled Mahi-Mahi. The fish was perfectly cooked, seasoned and flaky. The meal was served with Mexican rice, Red Picked Onions, pico de gallo, and guacamole on the side. Everything was delicious and again very fresh.
My friend ordered a Steak Burrito, which was not on the menu but that they special made per request. It was very good! Not one bite was left on the plate!
All in all, the food was amazing. Everything tasted like it had just been prepared. Nothing tasted over-processed or bland. The service was exceptional too. The waitress was very professional! The restaurant was not packed at the time we dined, but still we waited no more than 15 minutes and our dishes arrived at the same time, piping hot. 
Cheen Huaye is the perfect place to grab some authentic Mexican on a casual date, lunch or dinner with friends. 

Cheen Huaye Southern Mexican Restaurant
15400 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, FL 33160
(305) 956-2808
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  1. Cheen Huaye reminds me of my mom's favorite Mexican restaurant. Aside from the delicious food they serve, the place is lovely too. It looks elegant and cozy at the same time. It's not the typical Mexican resto that looks so spirited because of its lively colors; but the art and illustrations are still present. The two elements give charm to the place and that will always be a statement of this restaurant.

  2. I agree, it's a really great restaurant!