Monday, April 1, 2013

Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Steak House - Metairie, LA

Shogun is a big restaurant separated by two dining area: Hibachi and Sushi. I was in a sushi kind of mood so with their direction, we seated ourselves near the sushi bar.

The inside of the restaurant matched the outside of the building. It was a bit dated and a little run down. It was clean but dark with poor lighting and visually not the nicest of places.

The staff was very attentive which is normally nice but it became annoying when several different people constantly stopped by the table and when they were not at the table they were stationed nearby staring at you waiting for you to need something. Bad service is one thing but being stared at while eating isn't a good feeling either.

We ordered three Maki rolls: Crawfish, Crunchy and Spicy rolls. The roll were fairly small and taste wise were just average. Nothing stood out so there is not much to say, but I did enjoyed the Crunchy Roll the most.

We also ordered the Rainbow Roll. Despite the larger price tag, it too was nothing special. However, I will say that the fish tasted fresh.

Although the sushi wasn't spectacular, it was good. It was good enough that I would be willing to come back and try the Hibachi. My only complaint would be that they just need to work on the presentation of the restaurant.

Shogun Japanese Restaurant and Steak House
2325 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 833-7477

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  1. That you ordered only only rolls shows that you are a sushi ameteur, especially that you actually liked most the crunchy roll, much less ordered one. You know nothing.

    This place has the highest quality fish around -you did kinda notice that. And the reason they do not renovate must be that they are so buzy all the time. They would lose millions if they shut down for a few months. And their many loyal customers would not be happy either. I know many who eat there more than once a week. I am becoming one of them.

    1. Thanks for your response! I never claimed to be a connoisseur, I only claimed to mention what my tastebuds liked. I have only been their once and like you stated only tried a couple of rolls so my review was based off of that. I never said I didn't like the place I said I didn't love it but would love to go back and try something else. Sorry that offended you.

  2. Agree with marcaroni. This diner who tries to act like a food critic needs to stick to McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Leave the sushi reviews to real sushi critics like us. Shogun is bar none the best sushi restaurant in the South and a top ten sushi restaurant in America. I laugh at these neophiles who base their sushi opinions on crunchy rolls!

    1. You should really try other sushi places (especially outside of New Orleans). This restaurant is truly what it is an average sushi restaurant in the suburbs. Considering I am an uneducated McDonalds and Pizza Hut eating person who has had better sushi than what this place offers, what does that really say about the place? The fact that their Crunchy Roll is laughable and was the best they offered to me, are you saying it is really worse than what I originally thought? I was starting to feel like I wrong and should give the place another try but the way they use employees/customers to intimidate other customers for having a medial (not even bad) opinion, I would never go back. It went from it was okay but I will go back and give it another chance to why the hell would anyone go here. It is definitely not a 10 anything anywhere and the delusion is starting to irk me. Maybe you should lay off all the fast food sushi restaurants if you find this place to be the best ever.

  3. The fact that you base your opinion of sushi on crunchy rolls and the ever so adventurous dragon roll (LOL!) proves you know nothing about sushi.

    Little do you know that Sukiyabashi Jiro, held as a top ten sushi master in Japan, trained two of Shogun's sushi chefs. There are only 4 other Jiro trained sushi chefs in America, three in New York and one in Los Angeles. All at universally held top 10 American sushi restaurants.

    Why am I wasting my time with a moron who doesnt know a sea urchin from a giant clam? It's clear you're not serious about sushi, so stop writing about it as though you are a critic. Now go on little one, go enjoy your McDonald's and crunchy rolls.

    1. Unfortunately, we just have to agree to disagree. I was hungry, stopped by the restaurant and happened to order a few rolls. Regardless of what you seem to feel about the place, I was served rolls with rice that was way too sticky and that were falling apart. In my opinion that took away from it. Top chef or not the food that day was not great and being the "expert" you are, you would agree.

      By the way, I never said I enjoyed the crunchy roll, I said it was the better of the four and now that you mentioned it, sea urchin (which I have had on many occasions) sound pretty good right now.