Monday, May 13, 2013

Parran's Po-Boys & Restaurant - Metairie, LA

Sometimes a girl just wants a sandwich! I have driven past Parran's Po-Boys so many times before but today I was going to go inside. The restaurant is located in a small shopping center with a small storefront, so I was surprised by how nice and inviting the restaurant was. It was cute and colorful, much different than the plain sign you see on the outside!

On my first visit, I ordered the Seafood Muffuletta. They claim to be the home of the original Seafood Muffuletta so you know I had to try it. The wait to get the food was a little ridiculous, but the restaurant was packed and it was shortly after opening and lunchtime. I waited in anticipation for my food and once I finally got to sit down and eat it, I was a little disappointed. The sandwich was huge, which I guess is a plus but I found the bread to be a little dry (like it was yesterdays bread). The sandwich was packed with fried Shrimp, Catfish and Oysters (more like one oyster). Their homemade Cajun Mayo redeemed it a little bit but a sandwich with fried ingredients, lettuce and tomato can only impress you so much when the bread isn't on point. My boyfriend had the Blackened Chicken Breast Po-Boy (not pictured) and loved it so we ended up going back a second time.

On my second occasion, I switched it up and ordered the Beer Battered Crawfish Tail Po-Boy combo with Red Beans & Rice. The sandwich was a little bit better than the last time since the bread was fresher. The Red Beans & Rice was good. It was a little too soupy for me but the flavor was good.

I am a little unsure how much I like this place, but my boyfriend loved it and the amount of people there on my first visit indicates that other people love it too. All I can say is check it out and you decide for yourself.

Parran's Po-Boys & Restaurant
3939 Veterans Blvd Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 885-3416

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