Wednesday, June 26, 2013

City Diner - Metairie, LA

What is open 24/7 and serves a mean breakfast? The answer is simple, City Diner. Although I am not a breakfast person, in reality, it is a necessity of life and not too long after waking up you stomach is going to tell you please feed me. With family in town, it didn't seem right to feed them the the items I compile and call a breakfast so I wanted to take them out.

City Diner offer the typical breakfast items like eggs, bacon and omelets. My sister ordered the Spinach Omelet which was quite good. The portion was huge.

Speaking of huge, if you are going to order pancakes here, please know that it is larger than an XL pizza pie and could feed an entire family of 4 so order with caution if you are by yourself. Their Chocolate Chip variety would be great for the kids.

Besides the food being fresh and surprisingly quality, what I liked about City Diner is that they combine the foods you expect to see with New Orleans classics. An example of this is their Hash Brown creations. I had the one with Crawfish & Andouille. It was very good but is definitely something you can't eat too much of at one time; it had a little too much Cajun cream sauce for my liking. It came with a biscuit on the side which was delicious addition I might add.

City Diner
3116 South Interstate 10 Service Rd E Metairie, LA 70001
(504) 831-1030
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