Saturday, September 7, 2013

Visit Savannah: Huey's On the River - Savannah, GA

We planned to have a nice dinner our last night. We did lots of research, found some nice places but fine dining and small kids don't work and the few the met the criteria were fully booked and gave the impression over the phone that they didn't take walk-ins. Currently living in New Orleans, Huey's on the River that specializes in Cajun cuisine spiked my curiosity and I figured the mostly positive reviews would hold true.

They didn't take reservations so we showed up and were given a 30 minute wait. They are located by the river so we walked around to killed time. When we were finally called, we were squeezed into a four top (our group was five with the kids) which wasn't too much of an issue. What was an issue is that it took forever for our server to even take our drink order. In fact, the entire dining service was slow. It's wasn't just us either, I saw other table constantly looking around to try and get some attention. Our server just looked like she didn't care or was overwhelmed; everyone that worked there did. The restaurant was so cramped we had to hand off our own plates (I can't imagine what happen when the plates are super hot).

The food didn't improve the experience. I ordered the Pasta Jambalaya. This was not that, this was spaghetti sauce with hot dog masked as andouille sausage. I didn't like it at all, I ate barely any and unfortunately didn't take home the rest.

My mom had the Crab Cakes with red beans and rice. She said the red beans and rice were okay but a little too salty. The crab cakes were crap. They tasted super sour, and were flat as a pancakes fillers. Crab, where are you?

The rest of my family had chicken wings and chicken tenders and had no complaints so I guess that is the way to go at a self proclaimed authentic New Orleans restaurant.

Huey's On the River
115 E River St Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 234-7385

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