Thursday, October 31, 2013

Acropolis Cuisine - Metairie, LA

Since my stomach has constantly been telling me please get me a Gyro asap and Acropolis Cuisine has been known to dish out some tasty Greek cuisine (I have been told to dine her a couple of times), I went to check it out.

I was by myself and not in the mood to eat alone so I decided upon carryout. At some restaurants, carryout customer don't get the same level of service as dine in customers but that was not the case here.  While waiting for my order and scoping out the scene, I could tell that it was a nice restaurant as appearances go and I would not hesitate to bring family or friends here. 

The Gyro had good flavor but the meat, a combo of beef and lamb,  was just a little too darn salty.  The pita bread was good, the tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and the tzatziki sauce was tasty. It was piled with so much meat, unless you have a hefty appetite, you will have a hard time finishing it. Overall, it was delectable. 

You have the option of steak fries or grilled vegetables as a side. I opted for the latter and really liked it. Whatever it is that they added to it, it was phenomenal!

I also ordered a Baklava to finish of my meal. It was delicious but super sweet. I could have done without all that honey but that is a typical Baklava addition. However, it was flaky, quality, and mmm mmm good.

Acropolis Cuisine
3841 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 888-9046

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