Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maximo's Italian Grill - French Quarter - New Orleans, LA

New Orleans cuisine is all about the Creole, Cajun and French that sometimes I forget how much influence Italian food has on this city. You have Muffulettas, dozens of pizza shop but sometimes a girl just wants so good 'ol fashioned Italian dishes and that is when my journey to Maximo's Italian Grill happened.

While the standard image of Italian restaurant decor revolves around chequered table-cloth, this restaurant is not that. The decor was quite traditional with a bit of a rustic feel emphasized by brick walls, woody decor, simple chairs and an open kitchen.

I started off my meal with a cocktail. Not sure if I am getting the name right but I ordered a Rubarbar (?). It was well crafted and the alcohol content was definitely present.

I wasn't extremely hungry and although the appetizers sounded quite tempting, I rather save room for dessert. I ordered the New Zealand Lamb Rack and not haven tasted anything else, I am convince that was the best choice I could have ever made. My oh my was this good! I asked for it to be cooked spicy and medium (rare is better but I loathe bloody meat). However, it was nothing less than juicy, tender, deep reddish pink, browned, crusty, herbed, fatty goodness. I also enjoyed the flavor added by the herb roasted Parmesan potatoes and grilled garden asparagus spears. Overall, this dish was really wholesome with a lot of flavor.

My friend took it old school and had Meatballs. The Tagliatelle was good but the meatballs were amazing. I believe they were made from 3 different types of meat. The texture could be described as nothing less than pillowy soft.

I figured we were at an Italian restaurant so I couldn't go wrong with the Tiramisu. I was so highly impressed with the food that the dessert tasted almost like a disappointment. It was meh on the Tiramisu scale. I mean I ate it all, it just isn't a worthy option I would revisit again.

Not to be forgotten, service was on point. Our water glasses were filled consistently throughout the meal, napkins were placed on the lap, the simple comforts. I also liked that the staff is uniformly dresses, it adds to the ambiance.

Maximo's Italian Grill
1117 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 586-8883
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