Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tomas Bistro - Central Business District - New Orleans, LA

We arrived at Tomas Bistro at about 5:30pm (since we had someplace to go afterwards). We had made a reservation in advance so we had no issues getting a free table but despite the fact that the restaurant has just opened, it was empty anyways. There was only one other table when we got there and only a handful of tables were there when we left at about 7:30pm. 

The ambiance is pretty much grandma's rustic dungeon. The only thing missing were doilies on the table but that was reflected in the window curtains anyways. I am probably not really in their age demographic so that was not much of a bother. What irked me was the darkness of the restaurant and it would have annoyed me more had I not been seated by a window.

The service was typical French; proper and uniformed. Service was good. Our server was knowledgeable and personable and more importantly, water remained filled. It really isn't a big deal but my OCD had me wondering why crumbs weren't removed from the table especially considering the type of service they appear to offer.

The drinks were good. I had a glass of Prosecco but my fiancĂ© (I always say boyfriend and am struggling to get used to that) had not one but two Rum Punches. It had the right balance, although I will say the orange juice stood out. Still, it was tasty and refreshing. It was not particularly boozy to taste, but had the desired intoxicating effect. 

We started with the Crabmeat Pontchartrain. I get so excited when I have a dish with crabmeat and it actually has crabmeat. The avocado was fresh and the flavor was on point I was just a little salty that the portion was so small and I had to share.

After eating such amazing Rack of Lamb at a different restaurant, this one just didn't deliver (not to say it was bad). It came with Tomato Provencal and that didn't help its case. It was very mushy and kind of gross. 

The Rabbit Au Poivre was tasty, I'll give them that. It just could have been slightly more tender but had a lot of flavor. The problem was the sauce on top. It was too thick and I don't want to say it but was similar to something I'd expect from a mix (which at their prices I hope wasn't).

We finished the meal with the Maricabo Warm Flourless Chocolate Torte. I will put it this way, if you have a chocolate craving you will be satisfied. 

The food was overpriced and at those prices the food just does not seem as enjoyable as it should be. With so many restaurant choices in New Orleans you can definitely find someplace better to eat. It is by no means terrible just not a place I would ever tell someone to go to.

Tomas Bistro
755 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 527-0942
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