Friday, November 15, 2013

The Company Burger - Uptown - New Orleans, LA

Right off the bar, what I liked about Company Burger is that they have their own parking lot (no searching for parking yay!!!).

Decor-wise, it is pretty similar to most "gourmet" burger chains. The inside of the restaurant was nice, but it was a beautiful day out so I sat outside (besides, I get better lighting for my food pics). It is counter service, so as you enter, they have menus at the door. Once you decide what to eat, place your order, wait to be called and then sit and eat.

The options are pretty limited (4 burgers, a hot dog and grilled cheese) but they all sound good. Burgers are a dime a dozen but making you own pickles, mayo and fresh baked bread daily, it is far more appealing. My fiancĂ© AKA Burger Boy had their namesake Company Burger with a fried egg and bacon thrown on top. He loved it but what can I say, he loves burger!

He paired the burger with the Onion Rings. They were good sized rings with a very light, flaky batter.

I never had a Lamb Burger, so I decided to try it. The size was good and it came with Feta, house basil mayonnaise, red onions, and chili mint glaze. On paper it sounded delicious but it had too much sauce and then started to make my bread soggy and I do not like soggy bread. I didn't enjoy it as much as I felt I should have but I am thinking it I ask for less sauce next time, I will be able to enjoy it a little bit more.

I had my burger with the Sweet Potato Fries. They were tasty.

Company Burger
4600 Freret St New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 267-0320
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