Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fat City Franks NOLA - Metairie, LA

I wasn't really hip to the whole hot dog craze until I got to New Orleans where Andouille and boudin are staples. I would indulge time to time, whenever I would go to Chicago or was able to get a Polish dog somewhere but beyond that, Oscar Mayer was not going to be my friend. With that said, as one of the newer kids in town, I was interested to see what Fat City Franks NOLA was all about.

First impressions create the impression (at least for me) and when I drove up and saw a clown decorated barn, I could have easily been scared, but I thought it was really cool, fun and funky. Bright colors bring me joy and I was happy that the inside of the restaurant reflected the same theme. For a hot dog joint, it was fairy big and was setup like a sports bar. I don't know how much I would want to sit for hours, watch a game and eat only a hot dog (they serve beer and wine too), but that seems to be what they are going for. They apparently sell wings and burgers but I didn't see that on the menu unless it is just reserved for sports events.

The biggest seller of Fat City Franks NOLA was the bun, it was super duper soft, delicious and lived up to their baked fresh daily claims! Their sausages are also made locally and I was very impressed. Their dogs are definitely worth of the term gourmet, and although the price tag was a tad bit high, the size compensated for it as did the plethora of options and toppings. I ordered of the menu and got the Tokyo Joe Dog (Andouille Sausage, Asian Slaw, Wasabi Mayo, Sesame Seeds). I love spicy and it had a nice, subtle kick to it!

You also have the option of selecting your choice of frank from 12 options (think bratwurst, alligator, shrimp, polish, etc) and your toppings which is endless. My fiance wasn't intrigue by any of the specialty dawgs; he wanted something spicy and they recommended he get the Cajun Smoked. He topped it grilled onions, mayo and sauerkraut. He fell in love with hot dogs that day.

Although I have yet to go to the other popular hot dog place in New Orleans, I really liked Fat City Franks NOLA and will go back.The staff was really friendly and welcoming. 

Fat City Franks NOLA
3224 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 301-0325
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