Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cochon Butcher - Central Business District - New Orleans, LA

My first Cochon's experience and it didn't disappoint. Of course, I got the Muffaletta and it was excellent. I have had Muffalettas at other places before and never really loved it but the one at Cochon Butcher works. The bread here is a lot softer and fluffier than the others places (which is why I never really loved this sandwich) and they toast it which makes it so much better. Since Cochon Butcher is not only a sandwich joint but also a butcher shop, the meat itself was on point, well-seasoned, and absolutely delicious!!

I also tried the Pastrami. Do not know what is was, but it was far better than the average pastrami sandwich. I have had the great New York pastrami sandwich piled high with meat and even that wasn't a contender when it came to the flavor of the pastrami meat at Cochon Butcher.

I was surprised to find tasty, sweet morsels at a butcher shop. I tried the bacon praline, which I was not a fan of, but the cookies are awesome!!

This location is pretty small so don't expect to find anyplace to sit down and eat your lunch in peace. Also, be ready to stand in line, especially during lunch. The staff here is pretty nice considering how busy they are. 

A superb find.

Cochon Butcher
930 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 588-7675
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