Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bobo Chinese Take Out - Sunrise, FL

My go to Chinese food spot is Bobo Chinese Take Out. I have been enjoyed their food for many years. What sets them apart from the rest is that they have really amazing rice which is hard to find. The other items are pretty standard although I still find it to be better than most. 

They remind me more of the New York style of Chinese food which I do not see a lot of in South Florida. Which means, they have the fried Crab Stick that a lot of the restaurants down here don't offer.

My only concern is that lately, the food hasn't been as consistent, but when it's on, it is really good!

Bobo Chinese Take Out
6839 Sunset Strip Sunrise, FL 33313
(954) 741-3690


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Lucky Jean Seafood - New Orleans East, LA

Lucky Jean Seafood is ran by a group of happy, energetic, fun and friendly people. Their energy lights up the place, but the restaurant itself lacks any charm. There are tables to dine in the restaurant, but the walls are barren and the colors are drab; I would just recommend getting your food to go.

I was lured to the place by the sign outside stating that they sold seafood by the pound and the constant flow of traffic didn't hurt either. Well, when I entered and saw the large container of Crawfish on the counter, I was super excited. Once I got that first crawfish in my mouth, it further increased my excitement. It was really good. Great flavor and spicy!

I ordered a plate of their General T'So Shrimp with Shrimp Fried Rice. The Shrimp was over breaded (like most Chinese places) and very saucy. The flavoring wasn't bad on the shrimp. What killed it for me was the rice. It wasn't that great and although it was edible, I wasn't in love with it.

I really wanted some Chicken Wings, so I ordered them on the side. I really enjoyed them. The were tender, crunchy but not over battered and beautifully flavored.

I notice a few people were picking up these cakes on the counter. I grab one for myself and saw that it was called Gooey Cake. I had never heard of it before, but it was soooo good. I went back to Lucky Jean's a few times after this and every time, I had to pick one up.

The food here was fresh and on the most part tasted good. I think that there main focus is the seafood and what I have tasted was good, but the Chinese food they serve leaves something to be desired.

Lucky Jean Seafood
6721 Chef Menteur Hwy New Orleans, LA 70126
(504) 245-7842

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China One Chinese Restaurant - Baton Rouge, LA

China One is a small restaurant and more suited for take-out versus dining in. The staff was really nice and although they were close to closing, went ahead and made fresh food which still came out fast.  

I do not know if it was luck, but the day I went into China One, I found that their food was fresh, hot and delicious. I ordered the Shrimp Lo Mein with Shrimp Fried Rice Combination Plate and I was very satisfied with my meal. I liked that they used real sized shrimp! The noodles were perfect (not soggy or overcooked) and the rice was exquisite.

The best part of all, this big plate of food was at a really great price.

China One Chinese Restaurant
8673 Siegen Ln Baton RougeLA 70810
(225) 819 - 2283
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wings Plus - Weston / Sunrise, FL (5 South Florida Locations)

If you are in South Florida and are looking for some good wings, look no further than Wings Plus. The wings are crazy good, they offer a wide selection of flavors and did I mention, the wings are crazy good? Try one, try them all, just try it and you will end up hooked like me.


Honey Mustard

Don't forget to add French Fries to you order, their Fresh Cut Curly Fries are really good too. And add the Cheese; they give it to you on the side.

Wings Plus
1354 SW 160th Ave Sunrise, FL 33326
(954) 389-1933
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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar - Metairie / New Orleans, LA (Locations Nationwide)

If there was anything I could love more than sushi it would be Chicken Wings! So, being in a new city, it was imperative that I find a good place to get wings. I have seen Buffalo Wild Wings locations in a few different place but for whatever reason, I have never tried them out. I figured what better time than now to give them a try.

This Buffalo Wild Wings location is huge. It has a sports bar setup with tables inside and outside with a upper level deck outdoors. There were TVs everywhere but most interestingly there was a small screen at every table showing some kind of sporting event. I thought that was a really cool idea! What took away from the place was that they had games upstairs like basketball. With people playing upstairs, down below where we were eating, it just sounded like a lot of chaos and was distracting if not annoying.

I came here for the wings, so I intended to try them. They list the wings on the menu based on their hotness level which is great for those worried about spiciness. I however found the scale to be inaccurate and those said to be hot weren't and vice versa.

We ordered the Jammin' Jalapeno. It was in the mid range of spiciness despite the Jalapeno in the title. It wasn't really spicy at all. It was fact was sweet with a thick jelly sauce. I didn't like it, it was way too sweet for me.

Going up in spiciness, we also got the Hot BBQ. Again I didn't find it to be hot, and the BBQ sauce wasn't very good.

You cannot go to Buffalo Wild without trying their signature Wild sauce. On the scale it was second to the top of the spiciest, and to any normal person it probably would be. It was fine, I just enjoy regular hot sauce a little more.

The final flavor we tried was the Mango Habanero. It wasn't as high on the spicy scale but I found it to be hotter than the Wild. I actually enjoyed this flavor and it was my favorite of the night.

For our side, we had French Fries. They are said to be dusted with Salt & Vinegar, but my taste buds didn't get much of that flavor, they tasted plain to me.

My conclusion is, it is a great place to hang out and watch a game, however, I wouldn't recommend it as a great place to eat wings. The wings aren't horrible and if you are craving and don't have any other options, you will be satisfied, but if you can find a local joint, not apart of a chain, you will most likely enjoy it it a lot better.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
3434 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 252-4606

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sushi Sake - Doral, FL (multiple locations in South Florida)

I love sushi, so I have been to many Japanese/Sushi restaurants all over South Florida. During my quest to find really great sushi, there has been some places I hated and a few I actually liked. Of those, some were reasonable priced and some were downright expensive. What I found was, Sushi Sake is my favorite spot, finding a good balance of good food and a good price. The ambiance they say produces an enriched and memorable dinning experience and I agree. That is also one of the reasons I really enjoy dining there, the modern decor and mood setting lighting always gets me. 

One of their appetizers I would recommend is the So Firecracker. It is crab atop a fried cracker and has what I would describe as a sweet taste to it.

Although they offer Hibachi and the usual Asian specialties, you cannot go without trying the sushi rolls. My ultimate favorite is the Miami Heat Roll. It is made with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, crab salad, topped with salmon, spicy mayo and topped with crunch. It is so delicious and so amazing!

If you were looking for something a bit more simple, I would recommend the Dragon Roll. It is similar to the Miami Heat, and made with tempura shrimp, crabmeat, masago, asparagus, spicy mayo topped with avocado.

I love it and you too should check it out!

Sushi Sake
2600 NW 87th Ave #17  Doral, FL 33172
(305) 592-6166
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Good Time Sushi - Gentilly / New Orleans, LA

I recently moved to New Orleans and I am sushi obsessed so you could imagine my uber excitement when I discovered Good Time Sushi! It a little hole in the wall establishment that you could easily drive by and not notice or not think to go inside of, so I am so glad I did and found what is probably going to be my new sushi spot.

My sushi tester is the Spicy Tuna Roll. Although it wasn't a great Spicy Tuna (it just was not spicy), it was still a good roll. Besides, I enjoyed the Rock N Roll a lot and from that alone, I could tell they make quality rolls.

In addition to those two rolls, I also ordered the Good Time Roll. This one was by far my favorite. You could taste the freshness of the fish and the craftsmanship as each piece went into your mouth.

Although their name suggests that they are all about the sushi, they also offer Japanese Hibachi food. I didn't try any this time so I cannot comment on its taste, but if their sushi is any indication, it should be good.

Good Time Sushi
5315 Elysian Fields Ave  New Orleans, LA 70122
(504) 265-0721

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acme Oyster House - Metairie, LA (5 locations)

I know that Drago's Seafood Restaurant is the home of the original chargrilled oysters, but I had also heard about Acme Oyster House and wanted to do a little comparison. My taste test determined that they were both really good, cheesy and scrumptious, but I found that the Acme oysters were a little bigger, and relied less on the cheesiness and focused instead on overall flavor.

In addition to the oysters they are famous for, Acme Oyster House has a good selection of New Orleans treats. My boyfriend went for the Fried Fish Po-Boy which he thought was pretty good and said he would come back for.

On the side, he ordered some French Fries. They were blah and he said he would order a different side next time.

I ended up eating Red Beans & Rice. I thought it was delicious. It reminded me of something we eat in Jamaica called Stewed Peas.

The food was exceptional, as was the service. Our waitress was very friendly, engaging in conversation and making sure we were comfortable. Not sure if it was her doing or the chef's but the half dozen chargrilled oysters came with seven instead of the six, but it was awesome.

Acme Oyster House seemed to have edged out Drago's in more ways than one, so if I ever have the craving, I am heading to Acme.

Acme Oyster House
3000 Veterans Memorial Blvd  Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 309-4056

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Destination Grand Lux Cafe: Mojito, Asian Nachos & Cajun Chicken Jambalaya

Cruzan Rum, Fresh Mint and Lime Over Ice.

I found this Mojito to be a little weak. It was the drink special for the day, so I am not sure if it was from a pre-made batch instead of being freshly made. I was a bit surprised considering their drinks are usually very good. 

Asian Nachos
Crispy Fried Wontons Covered with Chicken in a Sweet-Hot Peanut Sauce. Topped with Wasabi Cream and Melted Cheese.

I would probably say, if forced to pick, that Thai is my favorite kind of food. So, these nachos are an addiction for me. It is more sweet than spicy but I could eat this all day long. The only thing is, it is so rich that even though you want to keep on eating, you will be forced to stop.

Lunch Cajun Chicken Jambalaya
Sauteed with Peppers, Onions and Tasso in a Delicious Spicy Sauce. Served with White Rice.

The chicken was tender and well seasoned. The rice was hot and fluffy. The sauce they said would be spicy, but I would say not so much. Overall it wasn't bad, but I wish it would have been spicier, still I would eat it again.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Substantial Salads & Subs - Weston, FL

Substantial Salads & Subs in Weston isn't just all about the salads and subs, what I discovered is that they have good tasting burgers too.
I went in expecting to try one of their subs and ended up with their Cheesesteak Sandwich. For a steak and cheese, it was not one of the best of I have ever had, but as a sandwich it was great. The meat was good and the bread was fresh and soft. 

The Burger my friend ordered was the delicious surprise. It was well cooked, flavored and decked out with a whole lotta goodness.

The guys behind the counter are really nice, which is a plus, but what makes Substantial Salads & Subs so great are their prices. You are getting way better tasting food at McDonald's prices.

Don't get me wrong, they are not serving gourmet food here but the prices are great for what you are getting which is good food.

Substantial Salads & Subs
1150 Weston Rd Weston, FL 33326 
(954) 384-2258

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