Thursday, January 2, 2014

Machiya - Midtown - Miami, FL

Based on Machiya's decision to change from including Ramen in their name to what it is now likely means the Ramen craze has not caught on in Miami, but regardless, you can still enjoy Ramen at the restaurant, as well as a fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes.

With only three Ramen options, I settle on the Tokyo Ramen. It is made from the traditional pork based broth and absolutely delicious but the highlight was the gyoza. Three pieces just weren't enough and they were so amazing, I wish I could have had more.

I couldn't go to a Japanese restaurant and not order sushi so we ordered the Spicy Salmon and the Yellowtail sushi rolls. Each roll that I popped into my mouth was pure goodness. The way the rice is prepared in a major factor in what make good or bad maki rolls (at least to me) and Machiya's rice was on point.

The Baked Crab Roll (snow crab/kani/mayo/sesame soy paper) was small and not what I was expecting, but despite its small size it was packed with yumminess. It was soft and very delicate but not mushy.

With a social network check-in we got a free Tuna Hand Roll. They didn't skimp even though it was free and I couldn't be happier with my unexpected extra.

The food does take some time to come out, and that may be a problem to some but when it comes out steaming hot and fresh, that makes the wait worth it. Aside from that aspect and the order in which the dishes were presented, I have no complaints. Our server did lack personality but he did do a descent job of taking care of us.

I don't consider myself to be a Ramen aficionado, but what I had was quite good and the sushi was tasty and slightly different than the usual so I will definitely return.

3252 NE 1st Ave #116, Miami, FL 33137
(786) 507-5025
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