Sunday, August 17, 2014

Visit Washington DC: Cafe Soleil, Zenebech Injera and Don Juan Restaurant

I arrived in Washington, D.C. late in the afternoon which gave us time to do a little site seeing.
We were a bit tired and lazy, so we ended up just finding a place nearby. The place we found was Cafe Soleil. We were drawn in because of the happy hour specials, but since we didn't inquire about it until after being seated, we didn't get any of the specials because we didn't want to move to the small bar. I still got a drink called an Orange Crush that can only be described as like a Mimosa but a lot lighter and more watered down.

Service was horrible and ridiculously slow. You know it's really bad when there is contemplation to leave because you get seated and it takes over 10 minutes before you even get menus; let's not even talk about the time it took to get water much less anything else.
The menu options weren't that appealing, but I really wanted the Steamed Mussels which by the way were really mediocre (tasted frozen) with about half of them not even open.

I felt like the Mussels were not going to be enough so I also ordered the Spicy Blue Cheese Onion Flatbread. It taste just like it sounds, too much going on that it was pretty gross.

My fiancé had the Hiedenberger which he describe as a fake Big Mac.

Based on that disastrous dinner, I vowed to make the next day about getting some of the better food DC has to offer. The first stop, Zenebech Injera for Ethipopian. I ordered the Kifto, but my fiancé mistakenly ordered it well done when wanted raw, so it was disappointing. It was a huge plate of food that could serve multiple people for a good price.
Stuffed we decided to do a little more site seeing before we continued stuffing our faces.

Next stop, Don Juan Restaurant, for Salvadorian food but really I just wanted to get some Pupuseras. Overall the food was pretty tasty and again a huge plate for a great price.

But, before headed home, we finished off the DC trip with some cupcakes from Sprinkle (we really wanted some from Baked and Wired but the line was huge and I hate to wait). As the cupcake revolutionizers Sprinkles definitely impressed.

Washington DC is a great place to visit because it's such a melting pot and offers easy access to a great variety.

Café Soleil
839 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006
(202) 974-4260
Cafe Soleil on Urbanspoon

Zenebech Injera
608 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 667-4700

Zenebech Injera on Urbanspoon

Don Juan Restaurant
1660 Lamont St NW, Washington, DC 20010
(202) 667-0010
Don Juan Restaurant & Carryout on Urbanspoon

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